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"The Road Experience"

2023-08-01 Antonios Vythoulkas ・ Katerina Chousianiti
"The Road Experience" opening ceremony in the city hall of Alimos

"The Road Experience"

Capturing moments, inspiring journeys,

At foryouandyourcustomers, we also believe in the power of storytelling through the lens. We are very excited to announce our co-sponsorship of the photo travel project "The Road Experience", which launched on 1 August.

Two talented photographers travel from Athens to Brussels, curious to capture alternative perspectives on life by exploring places in search of different and alternative ways of living, working, work-life balance and harmony.

We had the opportunity to celebrate the start of the project in the office of the Mayor of Alimos together with other co-sponsors.

We wish Clio Psaraki and Akis Christou the best of luck in this captivating adventure!

We will follow and report on their journey and be inspired by the beauty they will discover.

More updates and fascinating photos will follow.

Standing at the desk

Antonios Vythoulkas

Runs and develops the Athens cell and supports customers in the field of PIM/MDM with data/requirement analysis and STEP consultancy.


Katerina Chousianiti

Working as an IT Application Consultant at foryouandyourcustomers in Athens.