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Boosting e-commerce search with artificial intelligence: how foryouandyourcustomers and searchHub are working together.

2023-07-14 Jens Plattfaut
wie searchHub funktioniert

The foryouandyourcustomers team has been supporting retailers and manufacturers in the further development of e-commerce search for 10 years. Using the Exploded View methodology we advise, design, implement and support holistically with a focus on the customer, channels, organization, processes, systems and data. We are pleased to announce that we have gained another innovative technology partner, searchHub, to provide a unique AI add-on to any existing e-commerce search.

The winner of the K5 Commerce Awards 2023 thus directly pays for conversion rate, average purchase value and search turnover and also increases the process efficiency of the search team.

"We regularly support our customers in system selection processes in the area of Search & Merchandising and thus have a detailed market overview. The searchHub solution is so far unique in its form and closes a gap in the complex e-commerce landscape that was not visible even to many experts so far,"

says Jens Plattfaut, Managing Director of foryouandyourcustomers Munich, who himself has been enthusiastically supporting Search & Merchandising projects since 2010.

But what actually makes searchHub so special? At its core, the solution uses artificial intelligence to analyze and modify users' search queries before they are sent to the actual e-commerce search technology. What doesn't sound very exciting at first, in the end ensures a significantly increased search relevance, a lower maintenance effort and improved key figures. It can be used in conjunction with any other search technology to maximize its potential and add value. In addition, the solution offers specialized insights for optimization, which can also be triggered directly from the tool resulting in tangible support for search teams. Other features such as Smart Suggest will be added bit by bit. It will be exciting to see in which direction searchHub develops further.

"I am thrilled that we could win the team of foryouandyourcustomers around Jens Plattfaut as searchHub partner. Their many years of expertise in e-commerce and extensive experience in the field of e-commerce on-site search form the basis for our collaboration. We are always looking for experts in the search market and with foryouandyourcustomers we expand our network with first-class consultants in this field",

says Mathias Duda, CSO & Co-Founder, / CXP Commerce Experts GmbH.

Are you dissatisfied with your e-commerce search or want to find out what potential it still has? Jens Plattfaut and the Search & Merchandising team at foryouandyourcustomers are happy to help.