Changing perspectives in the room: Hubert Lampert exhibits a selection of works at foryouandyourcustomers Feldkirch

Changing perspectives in the room: Hubert Lampert exhibits a selection of works at Feldkirch

“What we see is not necessarily what we think we see. It’s essential to question things and not just accept them as a given“ – that’s the credo underlying the work of concept artist Hubert Lampert and the subject of the 26th exhibit hosted by for​you​and​your​cus​tom​ers. On Tuesday, 6 March 2018, our office in Feldkirch held a private viewing, inviting guests to be surprised, rethink, immerse themselves and question everything. Around 60 art lovers, friends and family members took up the invitation.

“We discover a shape and start observing it. Walk past it and the shape changes, ends in a chaos of lines, a distortion of perspective – the piece takes on a different form. What we originally saw breaks down into colours, individual lines and constructions,“ says concept artist Hubert Lampert of his work at the private viewing. “Sein und Schein“ is the title of one of four series of works that Lampert is showcasing at foryouandyourcustomers in Feldkirch until this coming March. He installs geometric shapes and everyday objects in the space; drawings that then start to unfold in a three-dimensional unravelling and transform in the eye of the beholder. Albrecht Dürer’s Hare, for example, also hides a rock crystal, books or a grid, all depending on the changing perspective of the observer. The Vorarlberg-based artist has been working with natural shapes in three dimensions for decades. His multi-layered work is heavily influenced by decades of autodidactic studies and his former work as a prototype engineer for a large automotive manufacturer. Art historian Kirsten Helfrich finds it fascinating: “The works go beyond just considerations of line, space and volume. He is interested in the question of perception of surfaces and of spacial construction through lines.

“My work aims to surprise, speak to the observer and invite them to question what they think they see, because there are often hidden thoughts and considerations behind the visible.“

Hubert Lampert, Artist

As such, the objects are trial formations for experiencing real and illusionist space.“ He creates things to see or things to think, and uses a wide range of materials to visualise them, materials “that give my ideas a form of expression,“ as the artist himself describes it. He speaks softly but with certainty of these ideas, a collection of everyday things, personal experiences, processed experiences and existences, executed in shape and clear colours, in steel and with wood and on paper, painted as an expression of his feelings. Words and feelings thus become tangible, visible things. The 64 year old stands surround by around 20 of his pieces, some hanging in the space and interactive, some almost floating or securely anchored to the floor, distributed around the office of foryouandyourcustomers. Hubert Lampert stands there and observes the guests observing his art. The breadth of the exhibit ranges from the ‘Sein und Schein’ series to the “Revolution im Rahmen“, “Fibonacci-Arbeiten“ and “Informationsbänder“ series, and represents a kaleidoscope of his creation. The artist opens himself up by “making my small world of art visible to the observer.“ And the guests gratefully accept this invitation.

Breaking down the seemingly obvious

“For me there was definitely a moment of clarity and rediscovery, experiencing Lampert’s art in person in an office,“ one guest says. “The artist and I have known each other a long time now but I’m seeing him and his art in a new light in this environment. The idea of exhibiting art in your own office is something that many companies do, but I’ve never seen it done so consistently the way foryouandyourcustomers executes it.“ Impressions that this guest’s companion agrees with: “Surrounding your desk with art must be fantastic and inspiring, and the precise, fastidious conceptual working method of the artist is impressive. Whether we look at the colourful pillars of the Fibonacci series or the brilliant, historic wooden frames of the ‘Revolution der Rahmen’ series, you don’t run out of things to look at too quickly here, and you are always surprised to discover something new by the artist each time you walk through the exhibit.“

“The feedback from the guests is fantastic, as is the interest in my work. I am very pleased that the works are so well received here,“ says Lampert and emphasises: “I hope that the guests and the employees of foryouandyourcustomers working here every day find it exciting to experience my art and live with it. Just as it’s exciting for me, by the way, to integrate my work in a living, purposefully arrange space rather than hanging it in a gallery. Positioning it in often tight spaces that eliminate distance from the pieces and therefore encourage a relationship between the observer and the observed.“

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