47th Business Breakfast in Munich: Digital Supply Chain

47th Business Breakfast in Munich: Digital Supply Chain

In their talks on the digital supply chain, Stephan Müller and Stefan Berner demonstrated why the digital supply chain should be a core competency in every company in the process of digitalisation, and what role information modelling plays in this. The 47th Business Breakfast hosted by for​you​and​your​cus​tom​ers drew great interest from those in attendance.

As the host, Jens Plattfaut, CEO of foryouandyourcustomers Munich, welcomed the 15 guests and gave a brief review of the employees and the diversity of the services offered in the Munich cell.

In his talk, Stephan Mueller, CEO of foryouandyourcustomers Baar, demonstrated how important mapping the digital product is in the ever-present process of digitalisation. The digital supply chain associated with this is a very new topic compared to supply chain management, and awareness among top management still needs to be cultivated, according to Müller. As his talk continued, he discussed the challenges that companies often face when introducing the digital supply chain. Müller then closed by pointing out that in addition to technical evolution, company organisations must also evolve.

In his talk, Stefan Berner, senior business analyst and information modelling expert, showed how important a shared understanding is for communication and collaboration in a company and for the development of better software. With a funny song by Mani Matter and lots of examples, he ably demonstrated the added value of information modelling for the audience.

The event ended with lots of conversations about digitalisation, where the insights gained from the talks were discussed again in more depth. We wish to thank everyone who attended and are pleased to have sparked interest in digitalisation, the digital supply chain and information modelling.

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