The creator and author of ‘Information Modelling’, Stefan Berner, visits Australia to share his insights

The creator and author of ‘Information Modelling’, Stefan Berner, visits Australia to share his insights

Stefan Berner has an approach for tackling one of the biggest problems in digital projects and therefore in digital change: improving understanding and accuracy in collaboration. While some may look towards specific tools to increase collaboration, Stefan looks at the language we use and how we collaborate using that language – this forms the basis of his method known as ‘Information Modelling’. At for​you​and​your​cus​tom​ers we are excited to offer several events in Australia to allow you to meet Stefan, learn more about ‘Information Modelling’, test it out for yourself and share your own experiences.

Business Breakfasts

We have the following Business Breakfasts in both Melbourne & Sydney where Stefan will be a keynote speaker.

Seats are limited, so please register online.

Hands-on Workshops

We are also offering 4 half day, hands on workshops where you can get immersed in the methodology and test it out for yourself. In these workshops (limited to 8 persons each) you can bring your own case study and Stefan will work with you on how you could approach and solve it.

Want to understand more around exactly what is ‘Information Modelling’ why you need it, and how you can apply it?

One way to learn about the power and the practical implementation of Stefan Berner’s method is, of course, to read his book ‘Information Modelling’. In Australia, you can order the book via foryouandyourcustomers – just send Celeste Schubiger an email or via

Need more information on why ‘Information Modelling’ is relevant for you, we recommend the interesting interview with Stefan. There are also a series of articles you may find useful with Questions and answers regarding the information model and here about BPM.

If you are interested in an exclusive meeting or workshop with Stefan Berner, please contact Bernhard Mueller, We will try to make it possible.

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