The Christmas card 2019 from foryouandyourcustomers shows works by Franco Kappl

The Christmas card 2019 from foryouandyourcustomers shows works by Franco Kappl

Franco Kappl is currently showing a selection of his works in the 29th exhibition of foryouandyourcustomers in Munich.

Everyone at for​you​and​your​cus​tom​ers wishes you and your family a joyful Festive Season anda prosperous New Year. The Christmas card 2019 was designed by Sali Oelhafen with works of the Austrian artist Franco Kappl. The effect of his paintings on the viewer is often compared by art critics to a stage situation on which a play takes place.

Franco Kappl’s abstract paintings are stages with intensive performances. Black paint creates space for a moving staging of painting: brightly shining – sometimes glistening, sometimes pensive – breakthroughs occur inside the picture, kidnapping into depths or formations that throw themselves into space, seem to grow out plastically. The white suddenly meets the dark, enjoys a strong appearance: expressive, dynamic, in wide colour swings, and then fades away, with a thin brush, graphic. Like dance, maybe? Music? Yes, and pompously, with fanfares! And just as quietly, in transparent streaks, dripping… And everything remains visible: the working process, the varied brushstroke, contrasts and breaks. Intention and chance. So every screen becomes a new adventure, a new journey.

Franco Kappl (*1962 in Klagenfurt on Lake Woerthersee) lives and works in Vienna and in summer in Klagenfurt. (Carola Conradt)

“Amorphous forms peeled from the canvas”

Franco Kappl himself describes his style as “gesturally abstract. As a painting that peels amorphous forms out of the canvas.” The relationship between foryouandyourcustomers and the Austrian artist has been cultivated for years. In 2014 it was his turn to present the first solo exhibition in the spacious offices of the Vienna office.

An exhibition that not only captivated the many visitors on site for a long time, but also remained positively in the artist’s memory. ‘Office exhibitions are usually catastrophic or at least very, very difficult to arrange,’ said Franco Kappl. But he didn’t have to think twice when curator Sali Oelhafen’s request arrived. 

“Normally, exhibitions of this kind are a form of office practice, but this here in Munich is something quite different. This is because foryouandyourcustomers has a completely different approach to art than many other companies have. The whole office is still used for working and yet an atmosphere like in a gallery is created, a special atmosphere for guests and employees, where the pictures constantly have to assert themselves in an everyday room. It’s not about decorating rooms, it’s about art as such, and that’s why I’m so happy about this exhibition.”

Franco Kappl is currently showing an excerpt from his works at the 29th exhibition in Munich and until 20 February 2020 you can also get an impression of the works in our office in Herzogstraße.

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