Globus introduced the STEP PIM solution from Stibo Systems in three countries

Globus introduced the STEP PIM solution from Stibo Systems in three countries

“An essential aspect of the philosophy of foryouandyour customers is enabling our customers and their customers to be able to work independently in future and without our support” said Andreas Drexhage.

Einheitliches PIM System innerhalb Europas

As a full service provider for multichannel solutions, for​you​and​your​cus​tom​ers has been supporting Globus Holding, based in St. Wendel in Saarland, for almost three years with the implementation of the jointly developed multichannel strategy. Over the last few months, STEP by Stibo Systems was introduced as a uniform product information system for self-service hypermarkets in the Czech Republic, Russia and Germany as a central component of the master data management.

The Globus Group, with an annual turnover of almost 7 billion euro and around 44, 000 employees, is considered one of the most innovative trading companies in Europe. The company has been painstakingly honing the multichannel focus of retail experts for several years. foryouandyourcustomers has functioned as the driving force for the management board, as a strategic partner in rollout processes such as implementation and data modelling and as an advisor in multichannel product communication.

“We recognised the necessity for change early on and found the right partner to implement it.“

Christian Schmidt, Solution Owner Product Data bei Globus

PIM-Globus Russia implemented in a very short space of time

“Globus needs control of its product data in order to meet the challenges of digitalisation today and in the future, and to be able to hold its own on the market. We recognised the necessity for change early on and found the right partner to implement it,” said Christian Schmidt, Solution Owner Product Data at Globus self-service hypermarkets on the cooperation with foryouandyourcustomers.

Andreas Drexhage, PIM/MDM-Delivery manager at foryouandyourcustomers added: “The introduction of a PIM system which organises and consolidates this data uniformly and empowers the company to take further optimisation measures towards a successful multichannel business was fundamental to the further development of Globus as a multinational digital company. Our job was to work with our client to find and implement a successful solution.” When it came to the choice of technology for the joint project, the decision makers decided on the STEP PIM solution by Stibo Systems. The deciding factor for the Stibo product was the comprehensiveness of the multi-domain master data platform. At the same time as evaluating the master data management technology, foryouandyourcustomers carried out a scoping of further action needed, as well as expenditure and profit planning for the markets of the self-service hypermarkets in Russia, the Czech Republic and Germany. Just six months after the start of the project, in July 2016, foryouandyourcustomers implemented the PIM solution in Russia as planned. This included data modelling, implementation, content transfer and the requested print publishing. Globus Russia will in future have a central position, where all relevant product data is collected, maintained and enriched. Another positive effect of the PIM is that all Globus specific print publications will now also be generated by this system.

Globus Holding von aussen

The company will benefit from significantly shortened throughput times for the production of its own advertising material, an increase in quality through an improved change management as well as reducing the likelihood of errors. Most importantly, sensitive prices now no longer have to be processed by employees, but can be automatically imported from the ERP per market and product.

Central administration of data from different sources

As well as the Globus project in Russia, the PIM system was established in the Czech Republic and went live in March 2017. One of the goals was to enable Globus employees to export enriched product data to output channels such as the web shop, wine shop and mobile app. The new solution offers Globus numerous advantages: After a further project phase, suppliers (existing as well as new) will be able to update their product data independently and directly on the Globus system for a wide range of goods on the Czech market. This means the company can react immediately to trends and innovations, bring new products onto the market within a very short space of time and thereby profit, amongst other things, from significant savings in cost and time. “An essential aspect of the philosophy of foryouandyourcustomers is enabling our customers and their customers to be able to work independently in future and without our support,” said Andreas Drexhage “and that was very successful at Globus” confirmed Christian Schmidt. “I myself have greatly benefitted from the cooperation with Andreas Drexhage, and our staff have as well. For example: Amongst other things, staff in the Czech Republic were trained early on by the foryouandyourcustomers team, so that after just a short time they were able to contribute to the success of the project.”

“foryouandyourcustomers has supported our staff so that after just a short time they were able to contribute to the success of the project.“

Christian Schmidth, Solution Owner Product Data bei Globus

Multiplication: PIM System for the German market

The successful PIM solution for Globus Czech Republic is currently being carried over to the considerably larger market in Germany. The company has 46 self-service hypermarkets in Germany with millions of customers. In this project, foryouandyourcustomers is drawing on the tried and tested Czech data model and is adapting the internal and supplier processes to the specific requirements of the company in Germany. Sales and communication processes such as loyalty offers, permission marketing, and in the next phase, the creation of advertising materials and the supplier interface, will receive a new database with high data quality, the quickest possible response time and customer orientation. The whole system of innovative products and innovative suppliers is thereby highly scalable for Globus. It already went live in July of this year. Now the project range and shelf planning tools are being linked in a further step, with the aim of being able to include a new product in the range, in significantly less time from the time of the supplier’s offer to the day when the goods are on the shelves. It is expected to go live at the beginning of 2018.

Innovation is embedded in basic processes

“I am very satisfied with our development over the past few months,” concluded Christian Schmidt at this juncture. “With the introduction of the new PIM systems and the development of the necessary in-house resources for the maintenance of these systems, we at Globus have taken a significant step forward on the path to digital transformation and are moving even closer to the customers with higher data quality, quicker market launches and many appealing touchpoints for our target groups.”

Stephan Mueller gestikulierend gestikulierend in Zusammenarbeit mit Globus

Stephan Müller: “It is a very trustworthy relationship in the cooperation with Globus”.

There is optimism at Globus that the new way of dealing with the organisation of product ranges and services means they can be even more creative and flexible in future. And the implemented projects already show: Innovation at Globus is not only formulated, but embedded step by step in the basic processes.

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