With the book Informationmodelling to more mutual understanding

Through the book “Informationmodelling“ to more mutual understanding

Understanding is the key to good software. “Experience has shown that the main cause of bad software and failed IT projects is a lack of understanding in the professional world. Computer scientists need to understand what users need (and not just what they want!). Users and managers need to understand how to use information and what they should expect from IT“, says Stefan Berner of for​you​and​your​cus​tom​ers. This book explains how to improve mutual understanding.

With the information model, a model was developed to approach one of the biggest challenges in digital projects and thus in digital change: It helps people to formulate the digital image of reality and make it visible. The modeling of business processes and the data manipulated in the process can only be as good as the underlying understanding of the thing itself.

The information model lays the foundation for cooperation and common understanding in the digital change. Information needs are described in a technology- and process-neutral way. The book reports on experiences, opportunities and difficulties in implementation.

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