Now located in Berlin as well: foryouandyourcustomers opens an office in the German capital

Now located in Berlin as well: for you and your cus to mers opens an office in the German capital

Welcome to Berlin. The for​you​and​your​cus​tom​ers team has found its professional home here at Pfalzburger Strasse 72A in the Wilmersdorf district. In their new office space, Fabian Engeln and his colleagues develop and design thought trough commerce search, analytics and PIM/MDM solutions for their clients. “Having our own office allows us to live our professional and cultural values here at foryouandyourcustomers. We want to offer employees, clients, partners and friends a place to meet, promote art and the exchange of information and experiences in the industry, and work together to develop new ideas and implement projects.”

On the outside, it is a striking, representative building: a three-storey Jugendstil structure right in the heart of Berlin’s Wilmersdorf district. It is rooted not just in the one of the greenest neighbourhoods of the entire city, but also a first-class living and working environment. This is a district packed with galleries, international restaurants, bars and cafés, within easy reach on foot of the popular and bustling avenue of Kurfürstendamm and around 20 minutes away from Berlin’s main train station by public transport.

A friendly, inviting office space beckons from within the building. It is located on a mezzanine floor, just a few steps from the entrance. The office is a good 136 square metres, with large, stylish rooms featuring heavy parquet, high, white stuccoed ceilings and equally high bordered windows, every intricate detail meticulously crafted – like the golden hand-forged window and door handles. The history of the building and its Jugendstil influences, both inside and out, are preserved and maintained here.

This is where foryouandyourcustomers has now opened its first ever office in the capital. “It’s the perfect solution in the form of a workspace with an atmosphere, just as we had hoped and dreamed for ourselves. It’s a place to be creative, meet others and establish long-term relationships,” enthuses Fabian Engeln, deputy head of the Munich office, as he gazes out of the window of the meeting room just recently set up.

“We have a great team spirit. All employees were involved in looking for the office and then everyone worked together here to design and shape the new working environment based on their own ideas, whether they helped select office chairs and desks, sorted out the kitchen inventory or sourced all of the plants.”

A new home with development potential

Classic meets modern is the first impression one gets after an initial tour of the office, where the architecture is juxtaposed with the furniture. “It was very important to us to preserve the character of the rooms, the stylish flair of the building, and at the same time use modern furniture to transition to the present and cultivate an inspiring feel-good space for us and our clients.” The office is certainly spacious. In addition to the well-appointed meeting room, there are two more rooms for work and concrete plans to extend the office to 176 square metres in the coming year “so there will be space for 10 to 12 workstations”, as Fabian Engeln describes it. “We can plan and shape things in our own environment with and for our clients here, and implement ideas. We have space for our many art exhibitions, events, openings and business breakfasts, plenty of space to work as a team, with clients and also alone on individual topics and projects. It’s a new environment that will definitely do us – and our clients as well – a lot of good.”

A place to combine living and working

Fabian Engeln is one of the leaders responsible for steering things in Berlin. Together with Jens Plattfaut, head of the Munich office, and his two Berlin colleagues, they quickly and unanimously landed on the decision to choose these rooms exactly. “As Fabian said, the office reflects our ideas in every aspect. It’s centrally located in a fantastic neighbourhood, it’s easy to get to, and he and his team have the opportunity here to create a truly long-term professional home. It’s a place where employees can combine living and working. The office is open, friendly, exudes calm and yet also the charm of a start-up. And at the same time, it promises solid further business development based on the evolved commercial structures of the foryouandyourcustomers Group.”

It is a “true home” because Fabian Engeln and his colleagues have been serving clients from co-working spaces in Berlin up until now. “The quality of interpersonal relationships just isn’t the same when working from home or in temporary office spaces,” Jens Plattfaut muses as he looks back on the initial start in Berlin. “We have to be able to bump into each other and find time for informal back-and-forth as well,” he says, underscoring the huge significance of having one’s own office in further development.

The further development of an employee tipped the scales

As has often occurred in the past, it was the further development of an employee at foryouandyourcustomers that ultimately tipped the scales in favour of a new office: Fabian Engeln has worked at foryouandyourcustomers for more than five years. The 30-year-old Senior Consultant for E-Commerce Systems & Analytics worked at our office in Sydney in Australia for a long time, among other places, and most recently in Munich as deputy head of the office. He was drawn to Berlin for personal reasons, wanting a change to mark the midpoint of his life. Jens Plattfaut not only supported Fabian Engeln in continuing to work with foryouandyourcustomers from Berlin, but also encouraged him to establish a new leg of the company there, which would remain connected to the Munich cell until the new office could be founded. “A key location, foryouandyourcustomers Berlin in now the company’s central office in north-eastern Germany with very good infrastructure for digital work and many potential clients. We are also gain entirely new visibility of and accessibility to the federal states in eastern Germany.” After one and a half years of operation in Berlin already, Long Do and Valeryia Hlavinskaya are now joining the team there. Conversations with other potential employees are ongoing.

The team works together to design and develop well-though-out commerce search, analytics and PIM/MDM solutions. They combine different perspectives of digital business and develop concepts for easy product access and consistent data. “With the office founding we have now truly arrived in the capital,” concludes Jens Plattfaut. “Now Fabian, Long and Valeryia can serve our existing and new local clients even better, offer more employees a fantastic workplace and foster growth for foryouandyourcustomers here.” The new office officially opens on 24 February 2022 with the start of the 48th exhibition of works by Wolfgang Flad.


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