43rd exhibition at our St Pölten location

43rd exhibition of for you and your cus to mers at our St Pölten location

The 43rd exhibition of for​you​and​your​cus​tom​ers and the second exhibition at our location in St Pölten opened with works from artists Borjana Ventzislavova and Aldo Giannotti as a contribution to the public contemporary art project “IN THIS TOGETHER” running in St Pölten until November 2021. The book Corporate Philosophy and Art was also presented alongside the opening of the exhibition.

DI (FH) Andreas Damberger, CEO St Pölten, welcomed guests to the opening on that humid afternoon in June before inviting Robert Josef Stadler to present a brief yet thought-provoking reading from his book Corporate Philosophy and Art, which had been published two weeks prior. 

The author and President of the foryouandyourcustomers Group had previously been asked by regional broadcaster P3TV why art is part of the company’s identity, to which he replied: “I consider art to be an integral part of reality. The interaction of art and paid work has huge potential, which foryouandyourcustomers has been exploiting for ten years.”

Dr Lisa Ortner-Kreil, who curated the exhibition along with Sali Oelhafen, gave the introduction to the art and explained how the collaboration came about: “The ‘IN THIS TOGETHER’ project has already enjoyed the altruistic financial support of foryouandyourcustomers, and it was from this support that Sali Ölhafen had the idea of organising an indoor exhibition as a complement to the public pieces on display, where more fragile works could be presented.”


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Aldo Giannotti
’s medium is the line. It takes him through architecture, the environment and the audience, since participation is also an important aspect of his work. This exhibition is another that demonstrates the versatility of the line. Among other works, there is a video animation as well as the large-format drawing The Stand off (Big Drawing), which he created especially for this exhibition. His interactive work This is where we draw the line gave guests particular amusement: guests were allowed to constantly rearrange the “line” or cord, creating new “drawings” every time.

Borjana Ventzislavova’s work has a very stark visual language. Colour contrasts dominate the art: light, dark and opulent colours. Her staged photographs often feature provoking text. Neon writing also plays a big role in the cross-media artist’s work. Her handwriting can be seen in neon lettering, for example, on the rooftops and facades of buildings in central St Pölten. She uses her unique approach to tackle subject matter such as migration and climate change, which play an important role in public discourse.

Despite the fact that the two artists have very different approaches to their art form, there are some commonalities that can be seen upon closer inspection: language plays a key role here, as do networking considerations in terms of the different media or people involved and also their geographic background. Both artists are Europeans who live in Vienna but are not native to Austria: Borjana is from Sofia and Aldo from Genoa.

“Migration Standards” by the artist Borjana Ventzislavova.

It was an exciting afternoon and evening for the guests and the foryouandyourcustomers employees, and we would like to thank everyone for coming. In particular we wish to extend warm thanks to Vice Mayor Harald Ludwig and Mayor Matthias Stadler for their attendance.

We also thank Dr Lisa Ortner-Kreil, Sali Ölhafen, Aldo Giannotti and Borjana Ventzislavova.

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