Art characterises the Stöhr-Haus both inside and out

Art characterises the Stöhr-Haus both inside and out

With the vernissage of the exhibition of Tina Lechner, the new office in  St Pölten was officially opened.

In three time frames, those present had the opportunity to enter into an exchange with artist Tina Lechner, Curator Sali Ölhafen, art historian Dr Lisa Ortner-Kreil and CEO Andreas Damberger and other guests and to enjoy the works. Numerous art lovers, friends, customers and employees did not want to miss this opportunity. 

Andreas Damberger, CEO of foryouandyourcustomers St Pölten, was particularly happy that for the first art exhibition in the new office, native St Pölten artist Tina Lechner could be engaged. “Tina Lechner is a remarkable artist. Her large-format works invite you to observe the relationship between the light and dark contrasts more closely and it is a fantastic feeling to work in this art environment.”

Lechner uses the medium of photography and a large part of the exhibition consists of new works from the year 2019. In her works, she “stages” a female model and rearranges it with a costume made of various different materials. The body takes on an abstract language and at the same time the identity of the model goes into the background. When you observe the exhibited works of the artist more closely, you recognise a certain rawness. With open threads and protruding seam crossovers, Tina Lechner signals a phase she has reached in her art where it is no longer about perfectionism but rather, where permissible, drawing attention to imperfection. Tina Lechner constructs, designs and produces all the costumes herself in her studio in Vienna.

Artist Tina Lechner explains the design process of one of her works. 

New office space in the Stöhr-Haus

As a competent service provider, foryouandyourcustomers advises and supports customers undergoing the digital change at 14 locations. After the Vienna location, with SAP Commerce expertise, and the Feldkirch location, with user experience expertise, St Pölten, the third location in Austria, was now officially opened with the vernissage of the 40th exhibition. An expansion of the offering in Austria is planned with the product information management system of Stibo and consultation in the area of digital change.  

Magistrate Matthias Stadler, mayor of the city of St Pölten, welcomed the company at its opening in the historic Stöhr-Haus: “Many international guests come to the city to admire the Stöhr-Haus building. It stands for modern art and the artist Tina Lechner has earned a great name for herself with her analogue photography.” The optimal position of the new foryouandyourcustomers location also impressed the mayor: “An ideally situated location, right next to the station, which is our gate to the world and is thus also ideally situated for all customers and interested parties who are looking for the foryouandyourcustomers office in St Pölten.”

Over an area of 190 square metres, the offices in the Stöhr-Haus, a listed art nouveau building, offer foryouandyourcustomers lots of space for the development of employees and the implementation of customer projects – and also enough space to present contemporary art. Art historian Dr Lisa Ortner-Kreil, who was opening an exhibition for the second time at foryouandyourcustomers, stated: “The quality of the independently curated art exhibitions is quite extraordinary and offers artists a splendid stage to present their works.”

Art promotes corporate values

Art exhibitions are part of the identity of foryouandyourcustomers and offer artists a platform, so that employees as well as visitors can contemplate the issues represented in the works. “Art promotes the values of foryouandyourcustomers,” emphasised Robert Josef Stadler, president of the internationally active foryouandyourcustomers group, who was clearly pleased with the friendly greeting by the mayor.

The exhibition can be viewed at the St Pölten location until 15th December 2020 upon prior appointment. Please ring +43 (0)1 8905 019.

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