37th Business Breakfast in Feldkirch: digital supply chain and information modelling

37th Business Breakfast in Feldkirch: digital supply chain and information modelling

The 37th Business Breakfast hosted by for​you​and​your​cus​tom​ers took place in the Feldkirch cell on 25 April 2018. In two short talks, guests learned which processes and elements are fundamental to the digital supply chain and what role information modelling plays in it. As always, a generous breakfast buffet and the opportunity to discuss topics one-on-one were provided – two central components of the Business Breakfast series hosted by foryouandyourcustomers.

Christian Fischl, PIM/MDM Consultant and Managing Director in Feldkirch, opened the 37th Business Breakfast of foryouandyourcustomers, the third of its kind at the foryouandyourcustomers location in Vorarlberg. The topic this time was the digital supply chain, a subject that drew great interest at the event and filled the presentation room down to the last seat with attendees from a wide range of different industries and companies. 

Stephan Mueller held the first talk of the morning. The digital supply chain expert and Director of foryouandyourcustomers Baar first illustrated how digitalisation is often still progressing too slowly in many companies. But Müller did not stop at simply pointing out the gaping flaws that represented the everyday problems of many of those present – he also provided answers to pressing questions: what is the key to successful digitalisation, the best path to elevating the digital supply chain to the same degree of maturity that traditional supply chains have today? Networking and collaboration among the employees and departments in an organisation are crucial, according to Müller. In reality you more often still find departments that create organisational divisions in the truest sense of the word. This in turn inevitably leads to ‘short-sighted stand-alone solutions and ultimately a generally poor level of data quality’ when it comes to implementing projects.

Stefan Berner speaks with Kathrin Maucher from Liebherr Domestic Appliances about his book, “Information modelling“.

In the second talk of the breakfast event, Stefan Berner, database specialist and MDM consultant at foryouandyourcustomers Baar, explained how information modelling creates a sustainable foundation for a company’s successful digitalisation. Poor communication between information users and data administrators is, according to the Swiss data modelling expert, a recurring weakness in a great number of organisations when it comes to implementing a digital supply chain strategy. Berner showed how his information model could be used to solve these problems and bring companies a myriad of benefits from correctly modelling their own business model.

Franz Domig, Head of Digital Marketing at Zumtobel Group AG, lauded the interesting talks and the excellent networking opportunities provided in a pleasant ambiance.

We wish to thank everyone who attended for their great interest and are already looking forward to the 38th Business Breakfast at the Munich location, where speakers from the Bose Corporation and Censhare will discuss the multichannel brand experience.

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