The 57th exhibition by foryouandyourcustomers presents artwork from Michaela Lautenschlager in Regensburg

The 57th exhibition presents works by Michaela Lautenschlager in Regensburg


Thursday, 20th october 2022 from 17:00 p.m. to 21:00 p.m.


foryouandyourcustomers Regensburg, Traubengasse 6, 93059 Regensburg
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 The 57th exhibition at foryouand-yourcustomers presents works by Michaela Lautenschlager in Regensburg.

We at for​you​and​your​cus​tom​ers are looking forward to presenting you the 57th art exhibition with artwork from Michaela Lautenschlager at our new office in Regensburg. The introductory speech at 6:30pm will be given by curator Nadine Bajek

The information designer Michaela Lautenschlager (*1988, Amberg) works at the intersection between spatial design and interactive media art. In her technically and aesthetically sophisticated installations and thematic exhibitions, the artist deals with the physicalization, sonification and visualization of big data in the context of the digital city. The central aspect of her work is the translation of complex relationships into spatial experiences, making various environmental issues tangible and tackling human self-perception. Her focus is just as kinetic as her installations themselves – from the microscopic view of the butterfly’s wings to the scientific examination of electromagnetic radiation, the tech-savvy designer deals with a wide range of themes. With this, the IIID-Award winner hits the pulse of the times and invites a critical yet playful reflection of modern urban subjects (Text: Nadine Bajek)

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