PIM expert team helps Osram replace asimBase

PIM expert team helps Osram replace asimBase

In order to push forward with successful digitalisation of the globally networked production at Osram Opto Semiconductors, the company decided to introduce the STEP by Stibo Systems enterprise solution as a multi-domain platform. A central part of this project involved replacing asimBase with a new PIM system. The PIM/MDM expert team from for​you​and​your​cus​tom​ers – the only diamond partner of Stibo Systems – was responsible for the transition.

‘In this successful project, foryouandyourcustomers not only proved its asim expertise but also impressively showed that it could deliver the STEP by Stibo Systems multi-domain platform. We are very pleased to have found such a reliable and trustworthy partner with which we were able to successfully implement a forward-looking project for Osram,’ said Andreas Breu, project manager and Product Manager Business Segment LED at Osram. ‘I think Osram and foryouandyourcustomers grew with this ambitious joint project and we are really excited about the result,’ said Andreas Drexhage, project manager and Director of PIM/MDM Delivery foryouandyourcustomers, as he assessed the collaboration of the previous months.

The foryouandyourcustomers team was tasked with analysing the existing product documentation and data model as well as creating a new data model and a new architecture for multichannel product communication and implementing it in the new technology STEP by Stibo Systems.

Generating data sheets was of great importance, as that is the central product communication medium with Osram customers. Osram’s goal was to offer a new system for documentation and communication on all required channels for the highly complex product range. The new approach should draw the many layers of user groups, including technology consultants, designers, planners and architects, among others, closer to the innovative possibilities offered by Osram Opto Semiconductors and identify and effect competitive advantages.

‘Migrating the data from the previous asimBase software solution to the new MDM platform and providing the data sheets was challenging and exciting all in one; not least because an extraordinarily complex data model is needed in order to map out the large range of Osram products correctly,’ said project manager Andreas Drexhage.

Fully automated data sheet generation including print option

‘Likewise, we had to set up complex data sheets that can now be generated by employees fully automatically. Almost every page of the product information to be created refers to different types of information, which are taken from different object types and sources. The data model and final presentation of all product information in the receiving system are very table-intensive. This leads to lots of sometimes complex table definitions,’ explains Drexhage.

‘The complexity of the data model remains hidden from the user as far as possible, however,’ he adds. The user can enter the data ‘intuitively’ as he or she knows it in the web-based UI, and this is then packed into the complex data model. After the data is entered, the user can preview the data sheet with one click to see how ‘good’ it looks. The new, user-specific web-based UI then ensures that the data sheets receive interactive approval at the end of a predefined workflow. Only then are the data sheets produced in all required languages and provided to the appropriate target groups.

‘By querying product properties using these data sheets, Osram Opto Semiconductors is aiming for interactivity that offers its target groups instant product information and the fastest time-to-market for our innovations,’ Andreas Breu said, underscoring the importance of the project.

 ‘I think that this project has taken us one giant step closer to that goal.’

And to equip itself for future challenges, Osram Opto Semiconductors decided to use the STEP by Stibo Systems multi-domain platform for MDM data management for production sites as well. This allows for networking of PIM and MDM data.

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