PIM and MDM team covers entire value chain of customers

PIM and MDM team covers entire value chain of customers

If you too would like to offer your customers today and in the future information that is tailored to their needs and consistent in all company channels, our experienced team of PIM/MDM experts will be at the right address. for​you​and​your​cus​tom​ers accompanies and supports you in the evaluation, implementation and maintenance of your new system.

“At foryouandyourcustomers, a team has formed that lives the themes of PIM/MAM and MDM with every fibre”, says Stephan Mueller, member of the management board. “We support the customer in building and further developing his information supply chain. From the source of the information to the customer and back. A PIM/MDM system plays a key role in this process because it is a multichannel hub for data of all kinds”, Mueller continues. “The data is aggregated, enriched, localized and then made available in various channels and formats.”

Our goal is to enable our customers to develop their business independently and successfully with this solution: today and in view of the increasing challenges of digitalization.”

Stephan Mueller, CEO Group

The team currently consists of 20 experts (project managers, business consultants, application consultants, solution architects, development and infrastructure specialists) at the Essen, Stuttgart and Zurich locations, who implement exciting projects with equally exciting customers. These include CLAAS, Geberit, Globus, Miele and Osram, and Swisscom, to name but a few.

The expertise of the PIM/MDM team is impressive: Through the Bank, it is made up of experienced employees who have been dealing with these issues for years. “We gather specialists who came to their previous positions on the subject of PIM and quickly felt that this was the department in which they wanted to participate fully” , explains Stephan Mueller and Andreas Drexhage, Managing Director of PIM/MDM-Delivery: “And these experts come to us of their own accord: because they see the opportunity to take the next step in their development – by implementing interesting projects and working together in a special team.”

Drexhage, who has been responsible for several projects as a PIM and MDM consultant for more than 20 years, came to foryouandyourcustomers almost one and a half years ago. “The company and how we are structured here is something really special, and it’s a major reason for top people to join us”, he says. “People who choose foryouandyourcustomers already know or suspect that a completely different culture prevails here than they find in other companies. These are people who do not want to work in a strictly hierarchical and patriarchal company and who, in addition to the expertise of their colleagues, have a great attraction. Otherwise we wouldn’t get such high class employees.”

Customer feels professional and social competence”

At foryouandyourcustomers you will find a team “with a passion for the basics and for the processes in a company that embrace the MDM or PIM theme.” Axel Helbig, Consultant and CEO Essen emphasizes: “It’s not necessarily something to be prepared for, but rather the work is really a calling for colleagues.”

Our customers feel the same. They feel that we have an extremely compact, integrated team that works together with the client to achieve success with a high degree of reliability. The customer projects are implemented by us in time, we offer a good exchange of information and a knowledge distribution that is stimulating and independent. This mixture of professional and social competence is very much appreciated.” And Andreas Drexhage adds: “Ultimately, all our projects are teamwork; whether it’s the replacement of an existing PIM system or the introduction of a new one: The client is always actively involved in the project and contributes to the success of the work.”

The only Stibo STEP diamond partner

The employees at foryouandyourcustomers accompany the customer in building up and further developing their multi-channel business from the ground up. The portfolio includes PIM/MDM/customer data projects, PIM evaluations and digital supply chain consulting as well as user training for the customer. The PIM/MDM team of foryouandyourcustomers relies on STEP from Stibo Systems for the implementation. Since 2013, the company has partnered with the market-leading provider of master data management solutions and is Stibo Systems’ only diamond partner.

The PIM/MDM Powerhouse in the DACH room

The PIM/MDM team at foryouandyourcustomers will be further strengthened in the future in order to broaden geographical support at foryouandyourcustomers locations, to be able to serve customers even better in the projects and to further expand its own expertise. “Of course we want to continue growing, but not too fast. We attach great importance to the selection of new employees. Otherwise there could be a risk of losing identity and quality”, says Andreas Drexhage.

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