Josua Hoenger

Senior 3D Solutions Consultant

Shalom! I am Josua Hoenger. As a Senior 3D Solutions Consultant I am passionately engaged in challenging VR/AR/MR Projects. Since young age, I am full of enthusiasm for interactive, audio-visual 3D content. Driven by deepest curiosity, joy and fascination about mathematics and technology, as well as courage for taking big steps, I often took the lead in highly complex multimedia projects and the research and development of entirely new technology. I love answering all questions related to anything -3D – and often learn new things while figuring out the answer. Besides the technical challenges I am always striving to develop the most meaningful and sustainable solutions in regards to the clients true needs. Similar to how I play at home with my 4 beloved kids, I love to address ideas with our clients and to execute them successfully together. At the end it’s not the technology that counts, but the happy hearts of those we love.


+41 79 246 02 09

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