“Hear the word or hear the message“ – an interview with Stefan Berner

“Hear the word or hear the message“ – an interview with Stefan Berner

Stefan Berner is an accredited engineer with a degree from ETH Zurich and has held various roles in IT for 40 years. Four years ago, he wrote about his experience in the book “Information modelling”: A method for improving understanding and accuracy in your collaboration


As a business analyst and modelling expert at for​you​and​your​cus​tom​ers and developer of the information modelStefan Berner helps companies take advantage of a wide range of benefits of using correctly modelled information for their own business model. In a recent interview with Hans-Josef Jeanrond and Ursula Moonen from Moonen Communications, Stefan Berner shows the importance of mutual understanding as a basis for cooperation and project success.

According to Stefan Berner, bad software or failed IT projects are rarely the result of the inability of the developers, but rather from a lack of mutual understanding between project participants, clients and users.

This lack of understanding stems from a different interpretation of terms and their embedding in a specific corporate context. As a result, the flow of information within the company is disrupted or even blocked. This in turn leads to high costs in the development of new software, delayed market maturity and a great deal of frustration for all involved.

In an interview with Moonen Communications, Stefan Berner shows how collectively clarifying reality can provide redress.

You can read the full interview here.

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