Introduction Days: making the basic values of foryouandyourcustomers tangible

Introduction Days: making the basic values of foryouandyourcustomers tangible

Two days full of interesting, illuminating topics and the opportunity to ask the CEO of the foryouandyourcustomers Group and his successor the important questions: at the newest office in Baar, Robert Josef Stadler and Stephan Mueller, CEO in Baar, welcomed new colleagues to the seventh run of the Introduction Days.

A total of 14 new employees across the Essen, Feldkirch, Frankfurt, Melbourne, Munich, Stuttgart, Vienna and Zurich cells took part in the Introduction Days. The Introduction Days give new employees the opportunity to get to know each other and get familiar with the values of foryouandyourcustomers in a surprisingly simple, relatable, groundbreaking, well-thought-through and just integral way.

“It is truly a valuable experience to be here. Not just to get to know new colleagues, but also to meet two people from top management in person and have interesting conversations both with them and with the other attendees,” said Christian Schmidt from the Essen cell.

Why foryouandyourcustomers?

Didn’t you have the same question at the beginning? When the founders Jonathan MoellerJosef Stadler and Stephan Mueller decided to establish a multichannel company together, their first idea for a company name was definitely not foryouandyourcustomers. “We racked our brains for hours and hours trying to find a short name,” Josef Stadler told the attendees when he was asked why the company chose the name it has. “But what summarises what we do every day better than foryouandyourcustomers?” So the holding company was founded in 2010 and the operational companies in 2011 at the four offices in Pfäffikon (Zurich), Vienna, Geneva and Amsterdam at the same time.

Since then, the opening of the Melbourne office marked another big step towards internationalisation. “This year we’re planning to open even more offices in Australia and Switzerland,” added Josef Stadler.

“The Introduction Days were a great introduction to the company and its history. I’m looking forward to our future together,” said Florian Knaupp in a summary of his impressions. “I had multiple job offers, but I’m convinced that joining foryouandyourcustomers was the right choice.”

Integral management blends humanness with business activity

When Stephan Mueller kicked off the second day of the Introduction Days with his talk on the Exploded View, he used a good example to present the integral aspect of company management in a practical way: “If we look at the water bottle here on the table, each of us sees the bottle from a different perspective. One person sees the entire label, while another person at the back might not even be able to see any label at all. This is how communication problems often arise in a company, because the employees aren’t looking at what’s behind the “bottle” and they aren’t working together as a team.” Integral communication is an important building block for company success. 

“Many of us have already worked in other companies and have gained some experience. It is all the more impressive to see that it is possible to build a company successfully with a flat hierarchy like the one here at for​you​and​your​cus​tom​ers and with a strong trust-based relationship with employees.”

Sven-Sören Schwippert, foryouandyourcustomers Munich

Just as Pablo Picasso, for example, took the different perspectives of an object into account in his works, so too does foryouandyourcustomers implement this basic concept as an integral part of its projects for and with customers.

The human connection is hugely important at foryouandyourcustomers, and something that was clearly conveyed to the newcomers as well. Every person has their own individual personality and brings their own strengths or – more significantly – weaknesses to the table. But people don’t like to reveal their weaknesses to others. It’s different at foryouandyourcustomers. Here colleagues turn their skills into strengths and openly recognise their weaknesses. As Josef Stadler said with conviction: “Our greatness lies in accepting our weaknesses and not hiding them.” The collected impressions of the Introduction Days show what makes being a part of foryouandyourcustomers so unique. We are excited to see what the future has in store!

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