Ever greater proximity to our customers in Central Switzerland

Ever greater proximity to our customers in Central Switzerland

The 14th office of for​you​and​your​cus​tom​ers has now been opened. In Baar, in the Swiss canton of Zu, the team around Stephan Mueller and deputy Jeannine Vythoulkas-Arnold are looking forward to using their expertise and their own prprietary (such as information modelling and the Exploded View) to further develop the digital supply chain for their customers and round off this process using tailored solutions in the PIM and MDM environment.

“Opening a location in Baar was the next logical step for us in terms of geographical support for the foryouandyourcustomers locations and giving our customers a better service on projects,” said Stephan Mueller, CEO at Baar, talking about the opening of the 14th location within the foryouandyourcustomers Group.

This new foryouandyourcustomers office could not be more central, with its Bahnhofstrasse 4 location, i.e. right by the Baar train station. Our team of experts looks forward to welcoming you there! The team there has 320 square metres of floor space at their disposal, located on the second floor of a large open-plan building. “The fundamental requirements, like the infrastructure, are perfect,” enthuses the head of the office. ‘Both employees and customers can reach us quickly, with little hassle – either by driving here or taking public transport. On site, we have a large amount of office space, including numerous meeting and conference rooms, at our disposal, providing us with a pleasant atmosphere; we have more than enough space, in other words, to develop customer projects collectively, to hold workshops, events, exhibitions and Business Breakfasts and to reinforce our team in individual ways. I’m very pleased that we have moved closer to our customers in Central Switzerland geographically speaking, because the shorter distances mean that conversation, information exchange and collaboration are more effective and that we have the opportunity to open up new fields of business,” Stephan Müller tells us.

A designated team of experts close to the customer

Baar and the Zug region are not unknowns to foryouandyourcustomers, as Jeannine Vythoulkas-Arnold reports: ‘Two of our team’s employees – and myself – come from Baar itself or the immediate surroundings of the town, travel short distances to work and have been building up a network of local companies, partners and universities for years. We had also already been providing customers from the region with successful support on their journey through the digital change for some time prior to that, and demand in the area is growing constantly,’ affirms the deputy head of office.

“The team of Jeannine Vythoulkas-Arnold, Stefan Berner, Zarko Josijevic and myself collectively have many years of experience in the areas of MDM/PIM, information modelling and digital supply chain management and have a large amount of expertise at our disposal.”

Stephan Mueller, member of the Executive Board

“Within organisations in Switzerland, there is now much greater awareness of the importance of a successful digital supply chain for companies. Many companies – regardless of their size or their sector – have realised that this is an important piece of the puzzle when it comes to achieving long-term company goals,” explains Stephan Müller, and, as Jeannine Vythoulkas-Arnold adds: “That’s exactly why we want to give customers the right solutions, to enable them to further develop their organisation and their business independently and to master the digital supply chain. By no means do we see ourselves as salespeople here, but rather as advisers and implementers who evaluate requirements within the relevant organisation together with the customer, who set up the necessary systems and who accompany the end-to-end digitalisation process. We now have the expertise and manpower to do so in Baar too. Our employees have many years of experience of digital supply chain consultancy, of further developing models such as the Exploded View and using these many times, and of successfully implementing numerous PIM and MDM projects during their careers.”

Of course, the new office in Baar will also continue the foryouandyourcustomers tradition of working closely in partnership with other offices and collaborating on projects with their colleagues in Zurich, Uster, Essen or Stuttgart. We look forward to lending you our expertise and supporting you on-site directly here in Baar – come visit us at Bahnhofstrasse 4!

The central location directly at the railway station in Baar.