Vernissage “Under Construction” in for you and yourcustomers Amsterdam

Vernissage “Under Construction” in foryouandyourcustomers Amsterdam

On a warm sun-drenched evening in the vibrant heart of Amsterdam, we open our doors for the 22nd exhibition of for​you​and​your​cus​tom​ers. As our guests arrive, they are immediately surrounded by the impressive art works of Juergen Paas. The art works have been shown in a comprehensive exhibition at the for​you​and​your​cus​tom​ers office in Dusseldorf and we are honored to welcome an amazing selection to Amsterdam.

Art historian Hester Jenkins, Head of Education and Art Projects at Museum Drachten, properly introduces the art works. She welcomes all the art lovers, friends, curator Sali Oelhafen and of course the artist Juergen Paas and his family to the top floor of the beautiful foryouandyourcustomers office in Amsterdam. “The exhibition that covers two floors is set up spatially, the art works playfully connect with the work space. It must be a treat to be working amongst these colourful abstract geometrical paintings and art works.”

Art connects us

Indeed, the employees are very excited to welcome the impressive objects. Although the pieces have just arrived, one of them states: “The art works of Jürgen Paas show something new every time you pass by them.” Robert Josef Stadler, CEO of the foryouandyourcustomers group, also emphasizes the importance of adopting the philosophy of having art on the walls in work places. Art inspires and connects people and businesses.

Hester explains how art can bring children and grownups in touch with their creative selves: “Opening up the mind by sharing your own thoughts about certain art work. You are expected to give your own opinion, it is not possible to make a mistake.” This is the concept of “visual thinking” in which the viewer becomes part of the constellation. “The result is that you become more aware of your own thought patterns. You can learn from engaging with art”, Hester continues.

Engaging with the Dutch

The works of Juergen Paas playfully take on the spectators mind, using explosions of colour, different shapes and compositions in the tradition of non-objective abstraction. His works refer to both Constructivism and Pop Art. As the artist expresses: ‘I like to bring old ideas into a new constellation. Just like in other art forms, in writing or architecture.’ Some of the works are based on the German Bauhaus art school, using only three abstract shapes: points, lines and planes.

And it is not by chance these works are presented here. The underlying themes in two of the paintings seems to be the -Dutch- windmill. The connection of Juergen Paas to the Dutch culture lays in his interpretation, not only of the Dutch windmills but also his study of and experimentation with the legacy of famous Dutch artists, such as Theo van Doesburg, also linked to Bauhaus and “De Stijl”. Hester calls this beautifully curated exhibition in Amsterdam: ‘Juergen Paas engaging with the Dutch”.

More than meets the eye

Our guests at the Vernissage are impressed and honored to see and hear about the latest works of Juergen Paas. The works are presented in a delicate balanced geography. But there is more than meets the eye.

In the series “Popplanet” you will encounter intriguing and colourful rings in relief. The making of these works is time-consuming and precise. They consist of many layers of coloured papers framed in a plexiglas cabinet. On the side you can see what’s inside. And clearly this is the parallel between these works of art and the multichannel business of foryouandyourcustomers. Just as every work in this exhibition is unique, we create tailored solutions for our clients every day. We turn on our creative minds and together figure out how to improve your digital business with the same great attention to detail. There is more than meets the eye.

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